120101 ESM1A - Single Variable Calculus

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Instructors: Prof. Dr. Ivan B. Penkov

Type: Lecture


Course Name Abbreviation: ESM1A

Hours per week: 3

Credits: 5.00

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The courses from the ESM1 series provide the foundation for all other Engineering and Science Mathematics courses, and taking at least one of them is mandatory for all Engineering and Science majors. Emphasis is on the use of basic mathematical concepts and methods in the sciences, rather than on detailed proofs of the underlying mathematical theory.

The course ESM1A covers the basic differential and integral calculus
of functions of one variable. It starts with a brief review of number systems and elementary functions, then introduces limits (for both sequences and functions) and continuity, before derivatives and differentiation with applications (tangent problem, error propagation, minima/maxima, zero-finding, curve sketching) are covered. A short chapter introduces complex numbers. The second half of the semester is devoted to integration (anti-derivatives and Riemann integral) with applications, and concluded
by brief introductions to scalar separable and linear 1st-order differential equations, and the convergence of number and power series.

In contrast to ESM1C which covers similar material, this course assumes a rigorous high school preparation in Mathematics, and leaves more room for explaining mathematical concepts (as needed for the majority of SES majors) rather than only developing skills for solving standard problems.

Course Notes:

C.H.Edwards, J.C.Penney: Calculus , 6th edition
Prentice Hall, 2002 , ISBN/ISSN 0130950068

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  • ESM1A - Single Variable Calculus

    Prof. Dr. Ivan B. Penkov

    Wed, 2. Sep. 2009 [14:15]-Mon, 7. Dec. 2009 [12:30]

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  • Calculus
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1 Mon, 14. Dec. 2009 16:00 18:00 Sportshall Prof. Dr. Ivan B. Penkov
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Prof. Dr. Ivan B. Penkov