110111 NatSciLab Unit - Symbolic Software

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Instructors: Dr. Keivan Mallahi Karai

Type: Lab


Course Name Abbreviation: NatSciLab SymbSoft

Hours per week: 10

Credits: 2.50

Min. | Max. participants: - | 80

Partial Grades:
Home Work 1 (25%)
Home Work 2 (25%)
Home Work 3 (25%)
Home Work 4 (25%)

Further Grading Information:
The grade is based on four assignments. The grade will be determined based on the average of the four assignments.

Official Course Description:
The Natural Science Lab Units in Mathematics and ACM will introduce the computer as a tool for the working mathematician, as well as for scientists in many other fields. The Lab Unit Symbolic Software introduces Mathematica, a software package that can perform
complex symbolic manipulations such as solving algebraic equations, finding integrals in closed form, or factoring mathematical expressions. Mathematica also has powerful and flexible graphing capabilities that are useful for illustrating concepts as well as numerical data. The computer will be used as a tool in this course so that you will also learn some mathematics alongside learning to use the computer program.

Small group(s)
This course is divided into the following sections:
  • NatSciLab Unit - Symbolic Software - Module I

    Dr. Keivan Mallahi Karai

    Th, 20. Sep. 2012 [14:15]-Fri, 12. Oct. 2012 [18:30]

  • NatSciLab Unit - Symbolic Software - Module III

    Dr. Keivan Mallahi Karai

    Th, 15. Nov. 2012 [14:15]-Fri, 7. Dec. 2012 [18:30]

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Course specific exams
Description Date Instructors Mandatory
1. Home Work 1 No Date No
1. Home Work 2 No Date No
1. Home Work 3 No Date No
1. Home Work 4 No Date No
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