110512 Problems in Computational Analysis

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Instructors: Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver; Prof. Dr. Peter Oswald; Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander; Prof. Dr. Tobias Preußer

Type: Seminar


Course Name Abbreviation: Computational Analys

Hours per week: 3

Credits: 5.00

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The Seminar will treat modern applications of Mathematical Analysis to the world of Computation and Mathematical Modeling, with emphasis on the design and the theoretical foundation of numerical simulation algorithms and the derivation and justification of model hierarchies in the natural sciences and engineering. The interest ranges from modern techniques of data, signal, and image analysis to analytical and numerical algorithms for models governed by partial differential and integral equations. The concrete topics will change from semester to semester, and will be closely related to the research agendas of the instructors.

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Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver
Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander
Prof. Dr. Peter Oswald
Prof. Dr. Tobias Preußer